In Happier Parenting, author Ben Yau shares with you his simple steps to develop more parenting confidence and ultimately more joy in everything that entails being a parent in today's world. Along the way, you'll laugh, you'll cry, and you'll have AHA moments. Join Ben, and journey together to Happier Parenting. Don't forget to laugh and have fun along the way!

Happier You. Happier Parent. Happier Children. Happier World.

"Happier Parenting is so refreshing. Ben simplifies his parenting approach into easy steps through humorous and heartwarming stories. Happier Parenting will guide you in a way no other parenting book will."

Raymond Aaron, New York Times Bestselling Author of Chicken Soup for the Parent's Soul


Happier Parenting simplifies its concepts into three areas which Ben calls the SOS steps:

Self, Others, Smiles

Simplification means easier to remember, employ, and maintain. This ultimately sets you up for easier success!



"In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun and - SNAP - the job's a game."
     ~Mary Poppins

While Happier Parenting may not be able to help you tidy your room at the snap of the fingers, you can bet "finding the fun" is a key part of the three SOS steps. Adding more fun means adding more success!



"While Ben’s book is about parenting, his central concept applies universally: It is vitally important to include joy and happiness along our journeys."
     ~ K. Raj Singh, TEDx speaker, author

It's not just about being a happier parent, it's about being a happier person. Grab your copy, read it, smile, laugh, and best of all, learn something about yourself.



"I believe there is not a more important book to read right now. The importance of families, and the relationships parents and children have, can never be understated. Ben's insight on developing relationships with your kids, your community, and most importantly yourself, is both refreshing and necessary."

~Excerpt from Foreword of Happier Parenting by Raymond Aaron


Who is Ben Yau?

"I do not think I have ever come across an indivdiual like Ben. He is a senior computer engineer. He is also an internationally known dance choreographer and champion. He is an incredibly kind person, a dedicated husband, and a wonderful father. What I like most about Ben is he is a caring and passionate teacher and coach, with an undeniably caring soul."

Raymond Aaron, excerpt from Foreword of Happier Parenting

What's Ben's Story?

Ben's story is that age-old love story: Boy meets Girl. Boy and Girl become friends. Good friends. Then confused friends. Then Boy and Girl realize they were meant to be together ("FINALLY!" said, well, everyone that knew them). Boy and Girl get married. Boy and Girl are ready for their happily ever after.

Happily ever after took somewhat of a detour as Boy and Girl faced infertility challenges when they tried to start a family. Frustration, loss, failed medical procedures, they all piled up month after month, year after year. Even their doctor gave up on them, shrugging his shoulders when Boy and Girl asked him what they could try next.

Boy and Girl, however, trudged on, seeing new doctors, finding out about new medical procedures. Until one day, a miracle! Pregnant! And soon, a baby! A few years later, another baby! And then another! Boy and Girl (now Mom and Dad) were so grateful. Dad vowed never to take these blessings for granted. He owed it to so many to be the best dad EVER! And knew his children would have the best most perfect childhood ... EVER!!!

As you can guess, Ben (aka "Boy" aka "Dad") ended up putting a lot of pressure on himself to be the perfect parent. And when that happens and things don't go perfectly, like for example when your kids don't listen to you which could happen once or twice (or a thousand times), that could lead to frustration and burnout. It did for Ben: frustration, lack of confidence, resentment, and helplessness.

"Why do I suck so much at this?"

Ben asked himself this repeatedly. And through his journey to becoming a better parent, he realized the wise Ali Wong said it best: "Just because you became a parent does not mean you grew up!"

In other words, he realized a lot of his frustration was not a reflection of his kids, it was a reflection of himself, and that his journey to become a happier parent was a journey to become a happier person. And that is when he became VERY excited, because he knew his next steps, and his destination. It was not happily ever after, it was HAPPIER ever after! And that's the story that lies within this book.

Why you want this book!

(a.k.a. Ben's promise to you)

If it is true that there is no better teacher than experience, then this is where Happier Parenting is of the most value to you. Ben is a real parent that is surviving and thriving in the trenches of parenthood, and he paints colorful tales of doing so. Through stories that are humorous and heartwarming, if you can approach this book as exchanging your reading time for Ben's survival experience, than you will not be disappointed!

Ben's purpose for this book for you is NOT to force anything on you, or force any change in your parenting. Ben is, in fact, admitting that he is not telling you the truth. Ben is simply telling you his truth, and willingly and candidly does so in hopes that it helps you find your truth. Ben plays in full and writes from the heart his experiences and lessons learned. Ben leaves it up to you to choose how you want to use these nuggets to go forth on your own parenting voyage.

In other words, this book is your invaluable sidekick to accompany you on your personal journey to being a happier person and to Happier Parenting!!

What The Experts Are Saying About Happier Parenting !!

Raymond Aaron
New York Times Bestselling Author
Chicken Soup for the Parent's Soul

"Not only has Ben managed to simplify his parenting approach into easy steps, but through his humorous and heartwarming stories he draws an effective visual of what it feels like to go through all the ups and downs of parenting. Happier Parenting will guide you in a way no other parenting book will. A piece of advice: make sure to start today, and enjoy your children before they have children of their own. You will not be disappointed."

~Excerpt from Foreword of Happier Parenting

Anna Seewald
M. Ed, keynote speaker, author, parent educator, and host of the Authentic Parenting podcast

"I love the central premise of Ben Yau's Happier Parenting. In order to be a happier parent, one needs to be a happier person. This book is filled with heartfelt, humorous, and relatable stories from a real parent. With easy-to-follow mindset shifts and 'How to Do' exercises, this book will be a practical companion for any busy parent. In our fast-paced, accelerated, go-go-go, do-do-do culture, Ben's book is a great reminder to love oneself, embrace playfulness, laugh more, and ultimately be happy."

Michael Nitti
acclaimed life coach, spiritual teacher, author of The Trophy Effect

“Although you might think a parenting book would be more about ‘how’ to treat your children, that’s not at all the case with this book. Ben Yau’s perspective is actually much deeper, suggesting that happier parenting starts with a happier Self. Ben has taken to heart the importance of giving energy to one’s own successes, thoughtfully incorporating this truth as an important factor in creating a happier and more rewarding parenting life. If you want to live more confidently and joyfully, I highly recommend that you give yourself the gift of reading this book as soon as you possibly can, as I promise it will support you in becoming not only a happier parent but a happier person!”

Emilie Rawlings
author of Foundation: Love. Mindfulness. Meditation

"What a joy to read! Ben’s practical strategies, such as the ‘coffee break’ concept, are easy to apply and duplicate, and it is Ben’s fun style that made this a true pleasure. The conversational tone is so friendly, and the heart-warming stories are shared with poignancy. It seems as if you are sitting in a room having coffee with a dear friend, and he is sharing from his heart. Being a coach and author on the subject of love and mindfulness, I greatly value Ben’s focus on self-love: Self-love first, then everything else flows from there. Perfection! I must mention that I also truly enjoyed seeing the pictures of his kids, and some of their sweet creations. To be honest, as I am now a parent to adult children, these quite often moved me to tears. To all of you parents out there doing your best, this is the book for you! Enjoy every moment you possibly can; I promise it will be over in a blink. I wish you all the best in your parenting journey."

K. Raj Singh
The Passive Income Artiste, TEDx speaker, author, business advisor

“Parents finally have a practical guide to parenting that leaves out the cliché, old-world theories, and welcomes in real-life, current situations from the author. Through my own coaching of clients on their business endeavors, I have found we, as people, all desire the same thing: success. While Ben’s book is about parenting, his central concept applies universally: It is vitally important to include joy and happiness along our journeys to success. Ben has brilliantly found a way to make the bittersweet subject of parenting challenges an absolute joy to read, with transparent experiences and clever humor from his real life. So don’t wait! Get this book, get extra copies for your parent friends, get his book bonuses, get connected with Ben directly, and discover the immense value he provides for you on your parenting journey. You will not be disappointed!”

Kat Nieh
mindset coach, podcaster, and award-winning author of Dear Workaholics

“I was captivated by Ben’s endearing storytelling, reading page after page, as if I was right there with him in his parenting journey. As a coach who inspires workaholics experiencing burnout, to integrate more happiness and fulfillment in their lives, I thoroughly enjoyed witnessing Ben’s wholehearted passion doing the same for parents. He uses his wit, insight, and humbleness to help burned-out parents transform their parenting into one that is more joyful and balanced. Definitely check out this invaluable, fun read!”

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Ben's mission in life, and the legacy he would love to leave, is a simple one: make the world a better place.

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